Humans are ingenious

Humans are ingenious. For a hairless primate, lacking significant teeth or claws, we’ve migrated from our ancestral homes in the tropics, where very few technologies are needed to stay warm and fed, to glaciated landscapes where many technologies are needed to stay warm and fed through long frozen seasons.

As a result, it appears that our most significant occupation is in ideas. The idea of a projectile or a boat or a drum is a far greater stroke of genius than all the developments that bring that idea to a climax design afterwards.

A great idea is a great idea.

Long ago, in a sparsely populated environment where everyone was self employed, the idea of sharing was a most important survival strategy. Long term success brought on a higher population density. With less resources to go around, the idea of not sharing, or property, became a survival strategy.

Controlling property is the hallmark of written history, our modern story is of fewer and fewer people controlling land, food, other people, metals, technologies, and most recently, ideas.

Our thanks to the ancestors for sharing their great ideas. Pass it on. Our great grandchildren will thank us.

Chi Miigwech
Great Thanks

John & Victoria Jungwirth
Peace, Love, & Happiness